SIMBUS Compliance DashboardThere is simply no better way to get compliant, stay compliant and prove compliance!

Our SIMBUS HIPAA Software is an extremely thorough program that’s easy to understand. The program guides you through the compliance process, step-by-step.

The program is divided into separate modules that allow you to work through all points of security and privacy at your own pace.  Instructional videos are included in the software to further clarify how to use our program. You will review the language of each required element and either edit or delete the language so that it is more applicable to your facility’s set-up.

We offer several support methods. A member forum, internal email system, support tickets and consulting time phone support are just a few ways you can get advice when needed.

We also give you access to our compliance gauge.  The compliance gauge is a visual representation into your compliance project. The gauge is on your personal dashboard and displays the level of compliance over 4 main topics.  Policies, Procedures, Forms and Tasks.  Once a section is complete, the gauge for that section will read 100%.  When a new task comes up the bars will adjust on your dashboard indicated attention is needed.

Your SIMBUS HIPAA software package includes:

  • Private dashboard accessible immediately at checkout
  • All Policies, Procedures, Forms and Tasks (Omnibus updated)
  • All Policies, Procedures, Tasks and Forms can be edited
  • All Policies, procedures, tasks and forms can be printed as Word, PDF
  • Ability to add employees and set account privileges and send tasks*
  • Ability to load all compliance documentation in one central, secure location
  • Compliance Gauge to show visual representation of progress
  • Full attestation feature to keep track of project dates for audits
  • Provide regulators and auditors read only access to compliance documentation
  • Breach section to note breaches and store remediation records
  • Audit section to note audits and upload important docs relating to audit
  • All forms can be downloaded, edited, and uploaded
  • Frequently used forms may be downloaded to the desktop for distribution.
  • Ability to frame 3rd party websites and view within the dashboard
  • Fully mobile responsive which looks good on tablets or smart phones
  • Ability to brand dashboards with color scheme, logo and content
  • Help videos and documents available through dashboard
  • Internal accounting access to view status and make changes
  • Calendar feature to add important dates and milestones
  • Full Account Support via Tickets, Forum, Internal Mail System
  • HIPAA Compliance Evaluation, Risk Assessment, Gap Analysis**

Member Benefits:

  • Low start up and low monthly fees that never expire or climb.
  • Discounts on other products offered through HCT and
  • Access to the private forum that is professionally monitored
  • Automatic law updates & form revisions on the fly and in the cloud
  • Continuous updates on privacy and security sent via the cloud as they occur
  • Policies and procedures designed and maintained by Rebecca Herold

* Not available on all plans
** Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis coming soon

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