SIMBUS360 – Complete Privacy and Security Management in One Convenient, Affordable Solution.

SIMBUS is a complete compliance office management system complete with a custom dashboard and access to an editable and printable set of Policies, Procedures and Forms.  Simply go through the tasks at your own pace and get compliant.  Add employees, send tasks, manage audits, mitigate breaches and get support through a secure, mobile friendly management system.  No software to install, get access immediately.

HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA Compliant Software



SIMBUS saves time by having all needed compliance tools in one convenient location.

SIMBUS is complete yet very affordable. Easily manage monthly payments.

By using SIMBUS, you can drastically reduce your risk for an Audit or Breach.

By maintaining compliance, SIMBUS not only helps avoid audits it helps you pass one.

Bottom line, SIMBUS is good for your business and insures you protect critical PHI.

By getting and maintaining compliance, SIMBUS will help avoid costly breaches.

The training in SIMBUS will keep employees educated and up to date on HIPAA.

CEs are now responsible for managing Vendors. SIMBUS takes care of that process.

No other program manages all areas of HIPAA compliance in one easy solution.

There’s too many features to list. Give SIMBUS a try. It’s guaranteed for 30 days.


SIMBUS is the only product of its kind that offers this many tools in one easy to manage platform.  Never has there been a more comprehensive Compliance Software solution offered at this price.

Centralized privacy and security management in the cloud. SIMBUS provides users with a complete suite of powerful tools all managed inside your personalized dashboard. Comes with full employee management and file repository.

SIMBUS offers users a complete set of customizable policies and procedures developed under NIST standards and OECD privacy principals. Add, modify and attest to policies and procedures and get a full progression of completion using handy graphs.

Coming Soon! Launching early 2015, SIMBUS will come with a full Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis. Our online analysis tools are designed to give you detailed and accurate risk reports with findings and full recommendations in a graphical, printable report.

SIMBUS Tracker is our third party information security and privacy oversight & management tool. Consolidate all your Vendor information and associated records in one simple-to-use platform. Manage risk levels, documents, breaches and much more.

SIMBUS comes with a library of privacy and training courses with more being added each month. Users can take courses, conduct tests and get certified. All results are sent to the admin for review. Admins can also create an unlimited number of courses and assign to their employees.

Pricing Plans

SIMBUS is priced to be extremely affordable but don’t let the low price fool you. There is no single software for total compliance that combines this many features in one single platform. Hover over the features to see descriptions.

Choose your plan

  • Hover over items below to see a description.
  • Number of Users
    SIMBUS is priced based on the number of Users. Please select the number of Users and add to cart. Keep in mind Users is total users which can include admins and employees.
  • Number of Vendors
    SIMBUS is priced based on the number of Employees but it also comes with the ability to manage Vendors. If you need to manage additional Vendors you can request that through support.
  • Private Dashboard
    SIMBUS comes with a stunning dashboard which is intuitive and easy to navigate. Compliance is almost fun when you use SIMBUS. Add your photo and even other 3rd party sites you frequent often.
  • Customizable Policies
    All policies are customizable using our built in WIZIWIG Editor. Once complete, hit save and your customized policy becomes the default policy for your facility. Need to see the original? No problem. Simply click the original tab to see the original. Print finalized version in Word or PDF. All policies are custom made by privacy expert Rebecca Herold.
  • Customizable Procedures
    All procedures are customizable using our built in WIZIWIG Editor. Once complete, hit save and your customized procedure becomes the default policy for your facility. Need to see the original? No problem. Simply click the original tab to see the original. Print finalized version in Word or PDF. All procedures are custom made by privacy expert Rebecca Herold.
  • Customizable Forms
    All forms are customizable using our built in WIZIWIG Editor. Once complete, hit save and your customized form becomes the default policy for your facility. Need to see the original? No problem. Simply click the original tab to see the original. Print finalized version in Word or PDF. New forms are added every month. Forms by Rebecca Herold.
  • Employee Management
    Admin has the ability to schedule events, monitor usage and send tasks to 1 or more employees. Admin can see a graphical representation of compliance progress for each employee.
  • Audit Management
    SIMBUS provides a full audit platform. Manage audits with ease through the system. Assign tasks, print reports, note findings and schedule important dates through the system. All recorded information is fully printable in a clean easily managed report via Word or PDF.
  • Breach Management
    SIMBUS comes with a full breach management portal. Set dates, document number involved, set mitigation schedules and assign tasks through the system. Findings and results can be printed in Word and PDF.
  • HIPAA Compliance Evaluation
    All accounts of SIMBUS come with our HIPAA Compliance Evaluation. It's a smaller version of our Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment but gives a good overview of where you are with compliance. It's about 34 questions and gives a level of high, med and low risk. Print a report of findings and recommendations with a graphical view.
  • HIPAA Training Courses
    SIMBUS comes with a full training portal. Assign employees courses and monitor progress and scores. Each course comes with a quiz. Set required pass rates and issues completion certificates. New courses are added each month. Have your own course? Easily add your own course, create tests, set pass rates and send to specific employees.
  • Vendor Management
    SIMBUS Tracker is a complete BA tracking software we sell separately but for SIMBUS account holders, we offer the entire program for free up to 25 vendors. Quickly add vendors, send BA agreements and monitor the entire relationship through Tracker. Need to add more vendors? Simply upgrade tracker to manage up to 10,000. Tracker is a powerful tool. Each Vendor receives a custom made email and a username and password. Vendors are assigned their own private dashboard and this is where you manage the relationship. BAs are required to take our evaluation and the score is immediately sent to your admin panel where you can determine the risk of that vendor. Send notes, forms, tasks and store all signed documentation in a secure file repository.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    There's absolutely no risk. try SIMBUS for 30 days and if you're not fully satisfied, simply let us know why and we'll refund 100% of your money.


$19/ month
$19/ month
  • 1-2 Users
  • Up to 5 Vendors


$39/ month
$39/ month
  • 3-10 Users
  • Up to 10 Vendors


$59/ month
$59/ month
  • 11-25 Users
  • Up to 25 Vendors


$79/ month
$79/ month
  • 26-50 Users
  • Up to 50 Vendors

Need a larger plan? SIMBUS can support up to 10,000 users.  Please call for pricing.


So far SIMBUS seems to have everything I need. Policies, procedures, forms, tasks, audit management, breach management and the ability to add users is a cool feature. If I can think of anything else I need, I’ll let you know.

Seth Barkett

In one word GREAT! I like look and feel of the software. The policies, procedures and forms are clean and easy to manage plus the functionality of the site makes it fun. Thanks.

Mishelle Gutierrez

For a new software program, this has been great. Usually there’s issues when software is new and so far the program has worked very well. We plan on getting compliant and maintaining compliance with SIMBUS.

Mike Woinsky

In order to have an effective compliance management program its critical to have easily understandable procedures that match clear policies.  SIMBUS provides the cleanest, easiest process at an affordable price.

SIMBUS360 Privacy and Security Compliance Software includes a highly customized set of policies and procedures created by 26 year privacy and security expert Rebecca Herold.  Rebecca used her knowledge of Privacy Law to take the current GrammLeachBliley Act (GLBA) and Red Flag plus Omnibus rules and refined them down to easily understandable policies and procedures. Other companies simply copy policies and procedures and offer them for sale.

SIMBUS starts with 4 levels, Individual, Basic, Standard and Professional. Each plan comes complete with the new GrammLeachBliley Act (GLBA) and Omnibus rules and includes everything you need to get and stay compliant. Simply log in to your personal dashboard and follow the tasks to get your facility compliant. Once compliance is met,  you will go on maintenance. Each month there may be updates or other items to review in order to stay compliant.  There are to 7 help videos that walk you through the dashboard and the tasks.

There has never been a better way to stay compliant.  Updates are sent to your dashboard immediately insuring you never fall out of compliance.

SIMBUS360 – Compliance Software is Designed for Life and Disability and Fire and Casualty Insurance Agents

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