privacy-breach-response-chartPrivacy Breach Response Chart for 2015

Above we have included for free, our Information Security Incident Response Procedure Chart.  It provides a good visual representation of what steps to take in the event of a privacy breach.  We offer a full program with detailed descriptions on our sister site at for a fee but this chart is a great starting reference on what to do in the event of a data breach.

Privacy breaches may include incidents such as theft or loss of digital media such as computer tapes, hard drives, or laptop computers containing media upon which such information is stored unencrypted, posting such information on the world wide web or on a computer otherwise accessible from the Internet without proper information security precautions, transfer of such information to a system which is not completely open but is not appropriately or formally accredited for security at the approved level, such as unencrypted e-mail, or transfer of such information to the information systems of a possibly hostile agency, such as a competing corporation or a foreign nation, where it may be exposed to more intensive decryption techniques.

Use our Privacy Breach Response Chart as a first line of defense when a privacy breach has been discovered.

More Information regarding Privacy Breach Response here.  Click

Privacy Breaches happen globally and other countries are working hard to protect PHI.  Below is a Canadian video on privacy breach examples.


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