privacy and security information chartPrivacy and Security Information Chart Template

Above we have a few free gifts for you and one of them is a Data Privacy Info Graphic.  The privacy and security information chart can be blown up to any size and set in a conference room or wherever it gets good traffic visibility.


From the moment we wake – and turn on that WiFi-enabled “smart” coffeemaker– to the time we make our final Facebook sign off for a long, restful sleep, we are leaving a digital trail. Most of us have no idea how the data about our daily habits, our purchases – even our routes to work – is being collected or how it’s being shared.

The info graphic above outlines just a few of the hundreds of ways we voluntarily open our everyday lives to intelligence-gathering marketers, companies, government agencies, data bureaus and unknown others, simply by using our vast and growing array of technologies.

Understand how much data you are sharing simply through every day use of gadgets and apps. Be aware of how that data may be revealing some pretty intimate details about you. If taken out of context, it may result in damaging assumptions. What can you do to lessen the data trail you leave behind every day?

Privacy and Security has to be taken very seriously today and tools like our privacy and security information chart can be a great way to visually show employees how delicate their data is and how easy it can be compromised.  Information Security is under attack every day and a good visual reminds people to keep records and data safe.  Our Security Breach Notification Chart covers all aspects of daily activities and how information gets compromised.

Our new product SIMBUS is designed to get an office compliant quickly and affordably.  See our video below.


We have a few versions of SIMBUS depending on the size of your facility.  Please feel free to click here and see our product comparisons.

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