HIPAA Training

Our online HIPAA training programs contain the most up to date courses on privacy and security. Each course contains a short video and a quiz. Students can print out their own certificate upon completion.  Some courses can contain handouts and or notes as appropriate to the topic. Print graphical reports showing completion, pass rates and overall results for quiz questions. New courses are added each month.

  • Full Online Training with Video Courses and Quizzes

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We have several privacy and information security awareness training programs and are adding more each month.  Try SIMBUS Training today!

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Our average course is 15-20 minutes and contains a short quiz.  Administrators can set pass fail scores.  Have your own training modules? We provide a method of adding  your own courses and quizzes through our system.

The above training was taken from a recent webinar and provides an overview of requirements for those responsible for HIPAA compliance, such as information security officers and managers,  privacy officers and managers, and legal counsel. This is not representative of the training provided to all employees… Our trainings incorporate many real life situations, and provide information that the average employee will understand and be able to put into practical work application.

The Importance of HIPAA Training

HIPAA, or The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, applies to all health care providers, insurers and associated bodies together with their business associates. If you are unsure whether HIPAA applies to you, then here is list of medical practitioners and their business associates that is by no means exhaustive:

–Doctors, surgeons, dentists and any other medical practitioner that holds health records of their patients.
–Medical insurance companies
–Medical laboratory and radiology departments
–Software vendors
–Third party billers and collection agencies
–Shredding firms that shred medical documentation
–Contracted cleaning staff
–Records storage firms – onsite or offsite
–Medical and hospital couriers including prescription couriers
–Medical and dental receptionists
–Waste management companies
–Auditors and consultants with potential access to medical records

The list goes on, and if you have any connection at all with a medical practitioner or department, either directly or as a business associate with potential access to private medical information, then HIPAA applies to you and HIPAA training software could benefit you.

The security of their private health information is very important to most people, and they look for a high level of professionalism from those that are responsible for maintaining that security. Consequently, businesses employing third parties involved in health care regard HIPAA training as an important factor in their choice.

The security of their health records has assumed greater importance with many people lately, possibly due to the increasing tendency for private records to be stored on computer and distributed online via download or email. The public is becoming more aware of security issues in connection with the internet, and more nervous of their own health records being stored and distributed in this way.

They will have more faith in a system run by professional people that have been professionally trained. HIPAA training software enables companies and business associates involved in health care to take advantage of training their workforce in HIPAA compliance in a very simple but comprehensive manner. Along with improvements in health care itself, there have also been several recent improvements in the maintenance of private health records and a training course is the ideal way to bring these improvements to the notice of businesses and their staff.

Here are just a few of the benefits of HIPAA Training & Awareness that are attracting the attention of health care professionals.

Client and Patient Security

Clients and patients like to believe that their personal details are shown to as few people as possible, and are secure in the hands of whoever is holding them. By providing your employees with the benefits and convenience of HIPAA training software, they will not only come to understand the important of maintaining that security, but will also learn how to do so.

Employee Professional Development

The professional development of your employees will improve by being offered a professional training course that they can take at their own pace and that provides them a more professional approach to their work. This degree of professionalism shows through when your clients visit your premises and a professional and confident-looking workforce can work miracles for a company in terms of image. They will also tend to take more pride in their work, and so be more likely to comply with the terms of the Act than those with no training.

Avoid Non-conformance’s

HIPAA non-conformance can cost your business a great deal in terms of patient or client numbers, and in terms of hard cash. Fines can be steep – as high as $250,000 plus 10 years imprisonment for gross violation and fraud – so the Act has teeth that can bite. Although that should not be the motivational force for you, you can never be sure if a member of your team is not doing something stupid. One of the benefits of HIPAA training software is to reduce the possibility of this happening accidentally.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is an important piece of legislation, and it is also complex and difficult for some to understand. One of the major benefits of HIPAA training software is remove this difficulty, and make its purpose clear and its implementation easy.  Not only must your organization conform to its terms, but it also has duty to train employees in the part they have to play in its implementation.

Without some form of formal training having been put in place you will find it difficult to prove you have made all attempts at conformance, and this alone might be enough to warrant prosecution in the event of something happening, Avoid non-conformance and avoid prosecution by taking your remedial action now and checking out the benefits of the HIPAA training software that is available on the market right now.