HIPAA Compliance ProgramSIMBUS Brand HIPAA Compliance Program is nothing like you’ve ever seen.

Finally your company, association, law firm or anyone looking to deliver cloud based HIPAA compliance policies and procedures will now have a delivery system for HIPAA Compliance that is branded to your own identity. You will receive access to a brandable dashboard with administrative privileges where you can add your logo and colored header and use, (if you prefer) our set of policies, procedures, forms and tasks that can be managed by you to offer to your client base.

Have your own set of policies, procedures and forms?  Not a problem, we give you access to our powerful backend where you can install your own set of P/P/F and offer them to your clients. Our HIPAA Compliance Program is perfect for firms who conduct onsite risk assessments then need an inexpensive system for their clients to maintain compliance once the assessment is completed.

We can build your own private checkout page and private shopping cart where you can send clients for secure checkout. We manage memberships, payments, cancellations, billing, all policies, procedures and forms and give you admin access to view your clients, add new clients, send notifications, use internal email and fully manage your account. Build a solid residual income and create value to your existing business.

This is a license relationship and we charge a monthly fee per user.

In addition to the setup and monthly fee, we are licensing the platform to you for a monthly fee per user and in return we will supply the software, create a branded to your organization landing page and checkout page, manage the members, handle all accounting and cancellations, send monthly reports, update and backup the software, respond to trouble tickets and manage the forum.

What you are free to do is simply drive traffic to your landing page where clients can purchase your program and enjoy the use of our software under your identity. We’ll even help you market if you need us to. The product is perfect for groups, associations, insurance companies, law firms, developers of HIPAA Compliance policies and procedures who need a delivery engine and anyone who would like to maintain their brand and offer value add to their existing clientele.

If this program doesn’t suit your needs you might consider becoming an affiliate with us instead. It’s easy and all you do is send clients to us with a code and we send you checks. Click to read about our affiliate program.

We have 2 options for branded solutions.  Click to See

This HIPAA Compliance Program is ideal for:

Law Firms, Large Groups, Associations, Non-Profits, Insurance Companies,  Health Care Agencies or anyone who has a large database of prospects who need to be HIPAA Compliant.

Your clients can go through their compliance project and edit, review and attest to the policies and procedures in the program to get compliant.  By devoting a few hours a week, your clients can quickly get compliant, stay compliant, and prove compliance with the help of our powerful software.

Once compliance is achieved your clients begin maintenance and may periodically receive tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain compliance. In addition they may receive updates and revisions to their policies, procedures, and forms as standards change and evolve. Each client attests to their own organization’s compliance with monthly attestations. Their compliance level is displayed through our Compliance Gauge which is displayed on their dashboard.

See our HIPAA Compliance Program Template

HIPAA Compliance Program Template






Features of SIMBUS Brand Include: 

  • Private branded dashboard with full administrative privileges
  • All Policies, Procedures, Forms and Tasks  (Omnibus updated) installed*
  • All Policies, Procedures, Tasks and Forms can be edited
  • All Policies, procedures, tasks and forms can be printed as Word, PDF
  • Ability to add employees and set account privileges and send tasks
  • Ability to load all compliance documentation in one central, secure location
  • Compliance Gauge to show visual representation of progress
  • Full attestation feature to keep track of project dates for audits
  • Breach section to note breaches and store remediation records
  • Audit section to note audits and upload important docs relating to audit
  • All Forms can be downloaded, edited, and uploaded
  • Frequently used forms may be downloaded to the desktop for distribution
  • Ability to frame 3rd party websites and view within the dashboard
  • Can provide regulators and auditors read only access to compliance documentation
  • Fully mobile responsive which looks great on tablets or smart phones
  • Ability to brand dashboards with color scheme, logo and content
  • Help videos and documents available through dashboard
  • Internal accounting access to view status and make changes
  • Calendar feature to add important dates and milestones
  • Full Account Support via Tickets, Forum, Internal Mail System
  • Private shopping cart and secure checkout pages

* Brand Custom comes without P/P/F/T so you can install your own.

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