Free Business Associate Agreement Template for 2015


Business Associate Agreement

Business Associate Agreement templates are tough to find but we have included one for you in our free gift pack. It can be edited to your liking and used as many times as you wish.  We also include a Business Associate Decision Tree which will help you determine whether or not a vendor is in fact a Business Associate and required to comply with HIPAA Rules and Regulations. If you are a Covered Entity and have vendors or partners who have access to PHI, you must monitor them to insure they are keeping your clients data safe.  It is the law and there are steep fines imposed if your associates are found to be out of compliance.

Use this form and have your associates sign and return and recommend SIMBUS to make sure they stay compliant.  SIMBUS is a great way for your BA’s to get and maintain compliance all through a highly secure and affordable web based solution.  No software to install or download.  Simply sign up for a membership and start your compliance project.  All policies, procedures and forms are included and our starter version is less than $1.00 per day. Take a look at our video Here and if you like it please send to your Business Associates today.

See our SIMBUS product video on Business Associates below.

SIMBUS Vendor Management Software

A Business Associate Template does not insure your vendors or partners are HIPAA Compliant and only offers you, as a covered entity some reassurance your BA’s are in conformance.  The only way to insure compliance is using a system that continually monitors BA’s for compliance.  SIMBUS can do this.  Our compliance tool for BA’s requires a monthly task and attestation which can be sent to their CE’s proving an ongoing maintenance program is being conducted.

Click here to see the Business Associate product page and make sure to download our Business Associate Agreement Template above.

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